How To Get Thick | Quality Calories In Your Diet

What To Eat? Eat Quality Calories

The quality of food that goes in your body really matters. It sounds cliche, but this is your health we are talking about here. So when it comes to getting thick and gaining, the same thing applies. Adding more calories to your diet is necessary to get thick, but staying away from Empty Calories is key if you want to get the gains.

So what are empty calories?

Empty calories come from foods with solid fats and added sugars. Fats which are solid at room temperature, such as butter or beef fat, are considered solid fats. Sugars and syrups that enhance the taste of foods and beverages during processing or preparation are categorized as added sugars. 

Why shouldn't you eat empty calories? 

Simply put, it’s because foods with empty calories have very minimal to no nutritional value. Yes, they can provide some immediate energy when needed. Although, empty calories do not contribute towards building muscle, vitamin supply, or any nutritional value that helps you towards reaching your goal of getting thick. You might as well consider yourself as not eating if you’re taking in a bunch of empty calories. On top of that, it won’t even matter how hard you workout either because those empty calories won’t provide anything towards the building process you’re trying to put your body through. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a snack here and there, but empty calories should not come anywhere close to what dominates your daily intake.

Examples of empty calorie foods are fried foods, processed meats, sausage, bacon, hot wings, pizza, cheeses, candy, doughnuts, cookies, ice cream, and sodas to name a few. You might as well consider yourself to be eating less if you are putting sub-par types of food into your body. Rather, you should aim to eat more whole foods, veggies, and poultry/beef that is organic and not processed or chemically modified. These foods will provide more nutrients to your body for energy, recovery, and muscle building. 

How You Should Eat - Add More Quality Calories

To no surprise, one of the key main factors contributing to muscle gain, or “getting thick,” is to lift heavy. Most people have heard this expression at least once or twice. While this may be true, your results rely heavily on coupling your workout routine with the appropriate diet. Keep in mind, your “diet” is the consistent nutrition plan you have in place for yourself. This plan will involve intentionally manipulating the number of meals you eat, the quality of the food, the types of foods, and more. Without appropriate attention to the details of your diet, heavy lifting can only do so much. 

Caloric Surplus

In order to gain, it is ideal to eat in a caloric surplus, which means to take in more calories as opposed to how many calories will be burned. Therefore, it is important to eat, especially consuming a diet that favors more protein calories. Now, if this sounds conflicting because you have areas where you would like to lose fat, then your focus needs to be on losing weight altogether first. This is called a Cut (caloric deficit). Unfortunately, you can’t do both simultaneously. There is no way to spot reduce fat while building muscle or toning up, and I go over this in my Top 4 Fitness Myths Blog. Eating is extremely important for you ladies who are comfortable with your body but just want to take it one step further and sculpt those curves baabyyy! In addition to eating a good bit throughout the entire day, it’s important to also be drinking plenty of water.

Close up of woman measuring how thick she is.

Perform Heavy Lifting

To gain, you want to lift heavy when you workout. You will have to determine how heavy based on your size and strength. When trying to add mass to your body, your workouts should target a low amount of repetitions with heavier weight. This is contrary to endurance training, which incorporates lower weight and higher number of repetitions. So a heavy lifting workout routine in conjunction with high quality calorie intake is generally a good foundation for putting yourself on the right path towards getting thick baby!

As you can see, most of this blog post focuses on food. This is the number one ingredient to healthy gains and getting thick. You just have to know how to manipulate your diet to work in your favor and couple it with efficient workouts that are specifically designed to put on muscle and enhance your curves in the sexiest way! 

Tips To Get Thick:

Lastly my queens, you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein. This kind of intertwines with the nutrition and meal stuff I talked about, but protein can be obtained other ways too. 

  1. Use protein shakes and supplements. Protein shakes, high protein drinks, protein bars, and various protein supplements/enhancers can supplement for the meals that either don’t contain any protein or don’t have enough of it collectively to optimize your results of gaining muscle, curves, and that SEXY CONFIDENCE, which is the best part about all of this.
  2. Meal Prep weekly. This requires a lot of planning and dedication, but the impact can be huge! If you battle with impulsive fast food eating, prep your meals in advance. It’s so much easier to eat healthy when you take some time to set yourself up for success by planning your meals and preparing them in advance. You can plan your eating budget, grocery list, and time of day to eat in between all the busy-ness of your schedule. 
  3. Give your body enough time to rest. You can be working hard in the gym, taking in all the right amounts of calories and protein, but you need to give your body enough time to rest through it all as well in order to properly rebuild.

My mission has always been to help other women who may struggle gaining weight, building muscle, or enhancing the curves they didn’t know they even had. Developing confidence within yourself is something that’s so undervalued in today’s world. It makes a huge difference when you look in the mirror and appreciate even more of what you see as a result of the hard work that you have put in. I promise if I can do it, so can you!! Let’s get these gains together, babes!

If you need extra help with constructing a meal and workout plan for yourself, I would love to help you. I can put together a complete personalized fitness program tailored just for you. Please, reach out to me by filling out my Form.

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